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Love your skin

Our products are made with all natural ingredients that will have you loving your skin all over again.

Made With Tepezcohuite

Tepezcohuite has many benefits for our skin and is the primary ingredient of all of Bombshell Naturals products. 

All Organic

Our products are made with all organic ingredients including Beeswax and natural oils. 


Treat your Face to a rejuvenating beauty treatment. The Sky Babe line was developed for the power of Tepezcohuite. The perennial tree found or shrub grows in Brazil and Southern Mexico. The Binomial name of the tree is Mimosa Tenuiflora known commonly as the “Skin or Healing Tree”. The tree bark attributes is an Anti-Microbial Agent, Analgesic Agent enhanced by a Cellular Regenerator, Flavonoids and Tannins to protect skin from aging resulting in soft skin. The bark also has Micro-Nutrients, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iron and Magnesium. All of these ingredients combined have an active role in cellular repair and protection. Lolita and Marti is developed to pamper and protect your skin. I have added a popular men's line “Tough Guns” for Men. A beard oil and balm.
~Lisa Marie, Creator and CEO of Bombshell Naturals LLC.

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About me, Lisa Marie

II was born in Santa Cruz California. I have lived in Boise Idaho for the last 25 years. I consider myself as a zealous adventurist with a do-it-yourself personality. As a young child .  Before I knew it I landed a job  as a flight attendant and launched an exciting fulfilling 23-year  career.  Quickly, I learned that the on-the-go life of a flight  attendant presented many challenges for me to follow a consistent and  effective skincare regimen(is not without challenges on the body).  In  an effort to keep myself as healthy and vibrant as possible, I began  reading about skincare products and learning what makes healthy and  effective skin and body care products; which then lead to me wanting to  make making my own natural skin and body care products.  I began a  certified course of study of organic and natural skincare products and  how to make them.  What started out as a hobby and thirst to know what  went onto and into my skin, very quickly became popular with my friends,  co-workers, and family.   I have vigorously worked to expand my  knowledge base of these natural ingredients which are the foundation for  all of the products I create. Some of the ingredients are Shea butter,  coco butter and natural essential oils.   Embarking on a new adventure, I  am now making my popular and mindful products available to a wider  audience.  I think you will enjoy my products as much as my friends and I

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