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 Great products!  I have tried the body butter bars, the oils and the lip  scrub and love them all. My mother is allergic to a lot of lotions and  her hands crack and bleed and nothing helps, but the body butter bars  don't sting on cracked hands and her hands look 10 years younger after  regular use! 

-Tara D.

 Love all of your delightful products that I purchased while in Boise for the Bigger in Boise event! They feel AMAZING!!! 

-Autumn S. 

 This is hands down the best hair oil I have ever used. It is light not  greasy, lasts all day.. my hair has never looked the same. I love this  product. I used it EVERYDAY in the salon on multiple heads everyday for 6  MONTHS before I ran out. The lotion bars are smooth and last all day  and the smells are INCREDIBLE. Very light sent, they smell clean, not  too strong! Just what I enjoy! Great product! Bombshell Naturals are my  number one- go to products for moisture and scent! 

-Jorey H.

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